​​Jefferson House Sewing and Quilting


For the last few years I've been teaching sewing and quilting to individuals and small groups.  Since I am working full time I need to be creative with my small business.  I've taught in my home, at the local community center and in client's homes. I've even shown up at work to teach a class of co-workers.  Flexibility is what works for me.  


I've loved sewing since I took my first Home Ec class in Jr. High.  The fabrics, the patterns and my teacher ignited a joy I never knew.  I discovered a sense of confidence and pride from my accomplishments.

Over the years since then, I've learned so, so much.  From the simple things like pockets and hems to more complicated elements of garment construction.  I surely don't know it all. But what I do know, I want to share with you.  

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